TDS on Foreign Remittance


As Per Section 195 TDS shall be deducted on the payment made to Non Resident at the prescribed rate. As per RBI Guidelines , Every payment except some specifically exempted payment shall be attached with Form 15 CA along with a certificate from a Accountant in Form 15 CB.

Procedure of Foregin Remittance :

  1.    The person making payment shall obtain a certificate from accountant in Form 15CB providing details in Form.
  2.      The Person shall file a form 15CA electronically from following Website.
  1. 3    Write on the acknowledgement number generated by the system for future references.
  2.  4    Take print out of Form 15CA and get signed by authorized person.
  3.  5   Submit the duly signed form 15CA , 15CB and copy of bills to the RBI or any other authorized dealer.
  4.  6   Exchange Rate used for the payment shall be used for deposition of TDS .
  5. 7   For Further clarification visit the following website .  

TDS shall be deducted as per DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) between both the country.